BK 889B

Model 889B

The B&K Precision Model 889B Synthesized LCR/ESR Meter with Component Tester is a high accuracy test instrument used for measuring inductors, capacitors and resistors with a basic accuracy of 0.1%. Also, with the built-in functions of DC/AC Voltage measurements and Diode/Audible Continuity checks, the Model 889B can not only help engineers and students to understand the characteristic of electronics components but also being an essential tool on any service bench.

Product description

- Measurement parameters: ACV, DCV, Z, L, C, DCR, ESR, D, Q, and Ø

- LCR test conditions: 100 Hz, 120 Hz, 1 kHz, 10 kHz, 100 kHz, 200 kHz , 1 Vrms, 0.25 Vrms, 0.05 Vrms, 1 VDC (DCR mode only)

- Measures DCV to 600 V and ACV to 600 Vrms @ 40 ~ 1 kHz

- Measures DCA to 2 A and ACA to 2 Arms @ 40 ~ 1 kHz

- 0.1% basic accuracy

- Diode and continuity measurements

- Dual LCD display

- BNC to Kelvin Clip probe included

- USB (Virtual COM) Interface

Product detail

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