DataTaker DT80G

Supporting vibrating wire sensors the dataTaker DT80G GeoLogger is ideal for all geotechnical data logging applications. The dataTaker GeoLoggers have built-in vibrating wire support providing ideal data acquisition and monitoring solution for the engineer working in the geotechnical environment.

The low cost, low power dataTaker DT80G is extremely versatile and easy to configure for communications, data capture and data analysis. View the data in real time or store up to 5 million data points. Data storage and retrieval can be achieved via USB memory stick, FTP, cell phone, Modbus for SCADA, Ethernet or Web.

Product description

-  Supports vibrating wire sensors, including

  •     - Geokon
  •     - RST Instruments
  •     - Slope Indicator
  •     - Soil Instruments
  •     - and more...

-  Web Interface

-  Modbus for sensors and SCADA connection

-  Up to 15 Analog (± 30V) sensor inputs

-  Expandable to 300 analog inputs

Product detail